2022: A Year in Review

Climate Action Plan graphic

It’s hard to believe we started the Take Action Burlington blog seven years ago as a place to highlight the City of Burlington’s environmental accomplishments, profile community initiatives and events, and promote tips for home, work and play to reduce our collective footprint. Since then, we have published 173 posts and over the past five years have welcomed an average of 5,800 visitors per year.

With the end of 2022 fast approaching, we thought it is a good time to provide you with a ‘year in review.’

2022 Milestones:

Thank you for providing your feedback on:

Don’t forget our eco tips!

We love to promote our community:

 Please stay in touch:

Take Action Burlington! As the year ends and a new one approaches, let’s all work together to reduce our carbon footprint and take action to prepare for our warmer, wetter and wilder weather. Collectively we can make a difference! We’re looking forward to sharing more stories with you in 2023.

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