We want to hear from you about Burlington’s Electric Mobility Strategy – part 2!

Thank you to everyone who completed the community survey posted in March on getinvolvedburlington.ca/electric-mobility-strategy. Your contribution helped us understand the opportunities and barriers to supporting electric mobility in Burlington including EVs (electric vehicles), e-bikes or e-scooters (the stand-up kind).

BurlingtonGreen and City staff have reviewed the results and also interviewed community stakeholders. Based on these insights and best practices from leading municipalities, we have developed a document with draft recommended actions to help guide the City and community partners to take action to support electric mobility. We are looking for your feedback on the 32 proposed actions under four themes, including:

  1. Charging Infrastructure and Grid Capacity
  2. City Leadership
  3. Education and Awareness
  4. Equity and Accessibility

Under each action, there is:

  • A proposed lead group, such as a City department or agency;
  • Other stakeholder organizations or City departments as collaborators; and
  • A proposed timeline. Timelines are broken down as short (1 – 2 years), medium (2 – 5 years), long (5 – 10 years) or ongoing (the action may already be in progress and/or starting immediately and will continue throughout the implementation of the Electric Mobility Strategy, and in some cases, beyond).

Your feedback is important to us – we appreciate you taking the time to review the draft action document by July 3, 2022. We look forward to reviewing the results and presenting the final document to the Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services (EICS) Committee in September.

Connection to climate change and other plans and programs

  • The transportation sector is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in Burlington.
  • Electric mobility is identified as a key program area in the City’s Climate Action Plan.
  • Adopting measures to support electric mobility will help us achieve our target to be a net carbon neutral community by 2050.
  • Please check out the Integrated Mobility Plan for information on how we are planning for sustainable and active transportation measures in Burlington.
  • Please visit the Electric Vehicles page for information about Burlington’s public charging network and the location of public charging stations.

Take Action Burlington! Share your feedback on the Electric Mobility Strategy’s draft actions. Collectively we can make a difference to reduce community emissions.

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