Join Us for the Action on Climate Earth Day Event

Image of blue sky, white cloud and trees

The City of Burlington and Burlington Hydro, with BurlingtonGreen and Plug’n Drive, are hosting Earth Day activities in the parking lot at Central Arena on Saturday, April 23 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Three initiatives, one location

1. MEET Electric Vehicle Experts

Inside the Mobile Electric vehicle Education Trailer (MEET) highlighting educational boards about EVs.
Plug’n Drive’s Mobile Electric vehicle Education Trailer (MEET). Image courtesy of Plug’n Drive.

The City and Burlington Hydro are sponsoring Plug’n Drive’s Mobile EV Education Trailer (MEET) for four weeks at Central Arena starting April 23 until May 20, 2022. Talk with experts and owners about driving an electric vehicle (EV).

Book an EV test drive in advance at Test drive appointments are available Thursdays to Sundays starting April 23 until May 20, 2022. Don’t wait as spots are filling quickly.

2. Register for a Tree Giveaway

The City is giving away 200 trees. To receive a free four-to-five-foot tree, you must register in advance and have a vehicle able to safely transport the tree.

Registration opens on April 13, 2022 at Get Involved Burlington. Quantities and tree species are limited.

3. Learn about BurlingtonGreen’s spring eco-opportunities

BurlingtonGreen's promotional poster for the Clean Up Green Up with an image of the Earth and a graphic of a person with a shovel planting and another of a person with a garbage bag.

Be part of BurlingtonGreen’s 12th annual Clean Up Green Up! Register your Clean Up today at for a chance to win a terrific eco-prize! Share your photos and quantity of litter you collect for a chance to win additional prizes. Need clean-up kits? Contact BurlingtonGreen or visit their booth on April 23 for free clean-up kits. They will also have free pollinator seed packets for the first 100 visitors.

Interested in BurlingtonGreen’s Green Up component on April 30, 2022? Register now while space is still available.

Connection to Burlington’s Climate Initiatives

Transportation is the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Burlington at about 40 per cent. Switching your vehicle’s fuel source from fossil fuels to electricity helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions as our electricity grid is currently a cleaner source of energy. Better yet, try walking or cycling for shorter trips if you are able.

Trees are an important part of being a climate resilient community. Trees capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They also provide shade and cooling, reducing the urban heat island effect, and help reduce runoff and erosion when it rains.

Restoring our natural environment helps to increase biodiversity and provides suitable habitats for pollinators.

Interested in finding more about the City’s climate initiatives? Visit or check out other Take Action Burlington blog posts.

Take Action Burlington! Let’s work together to make a positive impact on the environment. Collectively we can make a difference.

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