Professional Development in 2022 with a Focus on Sustainability

Image courtesy of Sustainability Leadership

Professional development is a key process that improves yourself and fast-tracks advancement in your career through ongoing training and learning. This can be completed through on-the-job training sessions, employer-sponsored licensing, and certification processes, or independently with your own money and on your own time.

To many, professional development is an opportunity to align your personal career growth with your own goals and goals set by your organization. Putting time and effort into your development can build your confidence and help you work smarter and more efficient, allowing you to excel in all areas of your career. Building on skill gaps and developing higher-level skills shows your employer that you are ambitious and proactive and ready for a promotion.

With changing trends in the workforce causing a high number of resignations, there are many opportunities to grow your career and align your job with your lifestyle. Gaining useful expertise in your field and keeping pace on current standards is a key strategy to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up to date and relevant in the industry. Additionally, following an ongoing development plan allows you to understand the changing trends, gain a wider understanding of your work and how it impacts you.

Professional development is especially important now due to the unstable market and it may be easier to do now with the extra time that many people have. This is the perfect time to upgrade your skill sets to be a productive asset to the economy, but why not consider our community and environment as well? With evidence of environmental, economic, and social hardships can have many of us are wanting to do something, but unsure of the first steps. Climate change has the potential to damage economies, devastate populations, cause resource shortage, and bring an increase to the cost of doing business. This has energized conversations about targets and plans on an international level by government bodies.

Sustainability Leadership has been working to develop content that is for anyone who is looking to create an impact through the work they are doing. We are excited to announce that our first course, ‘The New Benchmarks for Business’ is officially released! You will learn:

  • sustainability trends and business practices,
  • why businesses should pay attention to emerging challenges such as systemic discrimination, the waste problem, impacts of the linear economy and climate change,
  • how businesses can begin to commit to the new benchmarks of business practice related to social justice, the circular economy, climate action, financial security, and resilience, and
  • how to create a capacity and direction for change through conducting assessments and creating impact-driven committees.

The proactive approach this course brings towards addressing upcoming business threats offers businesses a competitive advantage in finding resiliency and opportunities in both profit and social good.

From now until Jan. 31, we’re sharing a 75 per cent discount for our course when you use the code January75 at checkout! Make the investment into your organization, your career and yourself. After your purchase, you get instant and on demand access to course videos, resources and quizzes to support your learning.

About Sustainability Leadership

Formed in 2011 as Sustainable Hamilton, we first developed a membership-based program to help local businesses looking for guidance, support and resources on their sustainability journey and credible recognition of their efforts and successes. We later rebranded to Sustainable Hamilton Burlington to recognize our reach into Burlington. We are now known as Sustainability Leadership. Our vision is to create a world with exceptional quality of life where Hamilton, Halton and Niagara communities thrive in a healthy environment and work together to build a vibrant, resilient local economy.

Sustainability Leadership is a stakeholder on Burlington’s Climate Action Plan, which is currently in the implementation stage, and on Climate Resilient Burlington: A Plan for Adapting to Warmer, Wetter and Wilder Weather, which is currently under development.

This post has been provided by Sustainability Leadership.

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