FREE Event: Could Your Next Vehicle Be Electric?

Electric vehicle charging

The Burlington Sustainable Development Committee is partnering with the Burlington Public Library (BPL) to present a free virtual event called “Could Your Next Vehicle Be Electric?” Brian Millar of Plug’n Drive will speak about the benefits of making your next vehicle electric with an opportunity for a live Q&A period for participants.

Event Details

  • Monday, May 31, 2021
  • 6 to 7 p.m.
  • Click for your free registration, which closes 24 hours before the program begins. BPL staff will contact all registrants with login details via Zoom. A BPL card is not required for this event.

Why Is This Event Being Hosted?

In 2019, the City of Burlington declared a Climate Emergency and approved a Climate Action Plan in 2020, setting a target for the community of Burlington to be net carbon neutral by 2050.  The transportation sector represents over 40% of community based greenhouse gas emissions.  There are two key program areas identified in the Climate Action Plan related to the transportation sector – integrated mobility and electric mobility. 

The city is working on an Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP) with a focus on moving people using active modes of transportation like walking and cycling and sustainable options like transit.  However, for the community to reach the net carbon neutral target, actions must also be implemented to support electrification of the transportation sector. More and more electric vehicle (EV) options are becoming available for consumers.  Join in this information session to learn about the benefits of EVs and help answer the question, “Could your next vehicle be electric?”

How Do We Achieve Carbon Neutrality?

  • Minimize – reduce energy use and switch to fuels that don’t produce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change
  • Generate – renewable energy (such as solar)
  • Purchase – once you’ve accomplished the first two steps, you can purchase renewable energy or carbon credits.

More about the Hosts and Presenting Organization

Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. Since 2011, Plug’n Drive has established itself as a Canadian leader in the electric vehicle industry, a trusted and unbiased source of information about electric cars, charging stations and the electricity sector.

The Burlington Sustainable Development Committee is made up of volunteer citizens appointed by City Council to advise them on issues related to sustainable development. 

Running an environmentally-friendly library is a top priority for the Burlington Public Library. They further environmental awareness in the community through free environmentally related programs in partnership with local organizations and committees.

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