Happy Birthday to Me!

Take Action Burlington promotional magnet
Take Action Burlington promotional magnet.

Well, it’s not actually my birthday but it’s my Take Action Burlington blog’s birthday. Last November, I finally took the step of entering the social media world, at least for work purposes. No, I still don’t have a personal social media account even though everyone around me thinks I’m a little behind the times. However, I would rather be the anonymous person in the crowd as opposed to the one up on stage.

When I was first approached about taking on this endeavour, I must admit that I didn’t know what it would really entail, nor likely did those who asked me. Sure, I had read other blogs in the past, but reading a post and publishing one are two different matters. While the name of the blog was a natural choice as we have been using it since 2010 when we hosted the “Take Action Burlington – A community climate change summit,” other aspects were not quite as easy. How does one go about registering a domain name? What about the theme or overall ‘look’ of the blog? And since it’s a work blog, what are the parameters that I am working within? Obviously everything was resolved and the blog was launched in November 2015.

Over the past year, there have been over 2,300 visitors and 5,200 views to the site which doesn’t include the official email subscribers or “followers” who receive the post directly in their inbox. I have published 26 posts, most of which were written by yours truly. I have tried to select topics that are broad in scope and where possible centered around an environmentally themed day such as Earth Day, International Day for Biological Diversity, Waste Reduction Week, etc. I have written about local schools, community groups and businesses that have demonstrated their passion for the environment.

I hope that you enjoy reading the posts and have learned something new. If you have any ideas for future topics, please let me know. I’m open for suggestions that encourage everyone to Take Action to reduce their impact on the environment at home, work and play. Collectively we can make a difference!

The following might be of interest to you:

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Nov. 14 – Inspire Burlington presents New Directions in Transportation. Register.


Alternative Sources of Energy for the Home promotion
Nov. 16 – Burlington Sustainable Development Committee and Burlington Public Library present Alternative Sources of Energy for the Home. Register.


BurlingtonGreen presents Eco Film: The True Cost
Nov. 24 – BurlingtonGreen Eco-Film: The True Cost (of our clothing).


BurlingtonGreen's What's your Eco Score?
Nov. 30 – What’s your Eco-Score? This is the last day to find out and be eligible for great prizes.

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