What to do when you “fall back?”

Battery Recycling Poster
A poster promoting the battery recycling program at a city facility.

It’s that time of year again… no pun intended. What time of year, you ask? It’s time to turn our clocks back. Or is it forward? I think I have finally remembered the “fall back, spring forward” phrase. Then again, maybe not since I had to look it up as I was writing this post.

Once we have figured out the time change, we need to remember to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Wow, that’s a lot of batteries being changed! Luckily there are so many places you can safely dispose of used batteries. And no, it’s not the garbage as batteries are considered household hazardous waste.

The City of Burlington has clearly marked units at many of our city facilities. We began with five locations back in 2009, thanks to a partnership with Halton Region, and now have expanded to 15 city buildings to offer a convenient spot to properly dispose of single use and rechargeable household batteries, including cell phones. Please note that car batteries and batteries weighing more than one kilogram are not accepted. Since 2009, over 20 tonnes of batteries have been collected in these bins!

Battery Recycling Bin
Look for this bin to recycle your batteries at City of Burlington facilities.

Recycle your batteries at:

  • Aldershot Community Pool, 50 Fairwood Pl.
  • Appleby Ice Centre, 1201 Appleby Line
  • Brant Hills Community Centre, 2255 Brant St.
  • Burlington City Hall, 426 Brant St.
  • Burlington Seniors’ Centre, 2285 New St.
  • Haber Recreation Centre, 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr.
  • Tansley Woods Community Centre, 1996 Itabashi Way
  • Burlington Fire Stations
A list of acceptable and unacceptable items.

Take Action Burlington! Put Waste in its Place.

Daylight saving time will end at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 6, 2016.

Take Action Burlington! Collectively we can make a difference.


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