Share your Switch contest!

Image courtesy of BurlingtonGreen

Lowering our carbon footprint comes in many shapes and forms and is a crucial step to reduce the impacts of climate change. Actions and activities can be big or small, but all are important. Below are some examples of everyday changes we can apply to our lives to live more sustainably.

Big actions:

  • Purchasing a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
  • Installing solar panels at home
  • Switching to a heat pump

Small actions:

  • Eating less red meat
  • Buying local produce
  • Biking more often
  • Using reusable water bottles
  • Trying to cut down your waste by reducing, recycling, reusing, and repairing products

Share your Switch with BurlingtonGreen for a chance to win an eco-prize pack! How?

  • Share your Switch story and images by filling out a participation form
  • The more switches you log, the more chances you have to win!
  • Enter between Aug. 3 to Dec. 15, 2021
  • Only Burlington residents are eligible to enter the prize draw

Contact BurlingtonGreen if you would also be interested in being featured on their Community Spotlight; if so, they’ll reach out with more information.

Do you want to participate but not sure where to start? You can check out BurlingtonGreen’s Make the Switch, Live Green or Event Greening pages for very helpful resources to get you started on your sustainability journey.

Did you know?

BurlingtonGreen will be completing a community based Electric Mobility Strategy in partnership with the City of Burlington. Implementing this strategy is a priority action area identified in the City’s Climate Action Plan, approved by Council in April 2020. The strategy will focus on actions to support plug-in light duty electric vehicles that use electricity from an external charging source to fuel the movement of the vehicle either in whole or in part.

Take Action Burlington! Share your Switch to showcase your experience and inspire others to be a part of the climate solution! Collectively we can make a difference.

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