Join Us in Planning for a Greener and Healthier Community

Join Us in Planning for a Greener and Healthier Environment image.

Let’s face it, there are changes happening to our local environment. Freezing cold one day, spring-like temperatures the next. More intense rainstorms instead of trickling rain.

Have you tried to make positive changes at home, school, or work, or how you move around the city to reduce your impact on the environment?

We are updating Burlington’s first Community Energy Plan, which was endorsed by council back in 2014 with a vision to achieve a community that:

  • Uses energy efficiently and improves energy security,
  • Reduces its carbon footprint, and
  • Supports the local economy.

How we live, work, play and get around our community can have a significant impact on the environment. If we all start with small changes, collectively we can work to make a difference. Some people are already well on their way by buying energy efficient appliances and improving the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. Others have installed renewable energy measures or purchased a low or zero emission vehicle. Some people may be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

We are working with several different groups in the city to update the Community Energy Plan as we all have a key role to play:

The City has its own energy management program to continuously make improvements to city owned buildings and its fleet to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. However, working across the community is more complex as we don’t control how residents, businesses and institutions use energy. Our stakeholder group helps us keep in tune with what’s happening in the community.  But we would like to hear from you and whether you have:

  • started the journey
  • are well on your way, or
  • it may just not be important to you.

Take Action Burlington! Your feedback is important to us and will help us plan for a greener and healthier community. Click on GetInvolvedBurlington to answer a few questions.  Collectively we can make a difference!

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