Help Mother Nature with a spring cleaning and greening

Adam and Sami proudly displaying their eco-pledge buttons.
Adam and Sami proudly displaying their eco-pledge buttons.

Clean Up Events to Celebrate Earth Day: April 18-23

Did you know that the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970? Though we should be thankful for our wonderful planet every single day, April 22 is a day where many celebrate Mother Earth. A common way of acknowledging Earth Day is to roll up our sleeves and pick up litter around the community that has been exposed with the snow melt.

I will digress a little bit here for a public service announcement. Please don’t be a litterbug. Hang on to your waste until you see a proper waste bin. Or take it home with you. Also, please pick up after your dog (stoop and scoop).

Now back to Earth Day. Beginning in the late 1990s, the City of Burlington hosted a community clean-up every year on a Saturday close to Earth Day. For the past few years, BurlingtonGreen has been hosting the event which has grown to a weeklong event. Consider getting a group together at home, work or school and organize your own clean-up anytime from April 18 to 22 or on Saturday, April 23 from 9 a.m. to noon. Register your team today and help BurlingtonGreen reach their goal of 15,000 participants this year! Don’t forget to take a group photo and send it to BurlingtonGreen so that they can post it on their Green Wall of Fame. For more information, visit

BurlingtonGreen youth at a clean-up event.
BurlingtonGreen youth at a clean-up event.

Eco-Fair Celebration on April 23

Celebrate your great efforts at the Eco-Fair Celebration on Saturday, April 23 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Burlington Central Library and the Central Park Bandshell, 2331 New St. Local community groups, including the City of Burlington and the Burlington Sustainable Development Committee, will be present with displays. There will also be fun activities for children including the opportunity to make a free pledge button recognizing their efforts for a clean environment. And what better way to celebrate your hard work than free food! If you register your Clean Up event team by noon on April 22, Tim Hortons will be thanking you with refreshments and Turtle Jack’s will be firing up the BBQ on April 23! Those who missed out on the cleaning fun can still buy a burger and feel good about the proceeds supporting BurlingtonGreen’s programs. The event runs rain or shine.

Eco-Pledge button-making activity
Sample eco-pledge buttons.

Green Up on May 28

If you recall, BurlingtonGreen’s event is called Clean Up, Green Up. Since I’ve covered the Clean Up part, now it’s time to highlight the Green Up. You’ll want to register soon for the Green Up as only 100 people can help remove the invasive plants that shouldn’t be along our beautiful beach and replace them with native trees and plants. And, if you missed the Clean Up events in April, you can still help by cleaning up our beach! The Green Up takes place on Saturday, May 28 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Burlington Beach interpretative sign
Darlene and Amy standing next to the interpretative sign at Burlington Beach, near the Beachway Pavillion.

Additional information

For further information about BurlingtonGreen and the annual Community Clean Up Green Up events, please visit

Take Action Burlington! Collectively we can make a difference.

A group photo taken prior to a Green Up event
A group photo taken prior to a Green Up event.
A group photo taken after a successful Green Up event
A group photo taken after a successful Green Up event.

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