Join the 100in1Day Yellow Fish Road Painting Event

Participants in the YFR Program
Displaying the freshly painted “Rainwater Only” stencil that is part of the Yellow Fish Road program. Image courtesy of Trout Unlimited Canada.

The Burlington Sustainable Development Committee is hosting a Yellow Fish Road event as part of 100in1Day Burlington on June 1 and you’re invited!

What is 100in1Day?

100in1Day is part of a growing global movement of citizen driven change, where people take ownership of their city and together, create a better place to live. Last year was Burlington’s first time participating in 100in1Day.

What is the Burlington Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)?
The SDC, which was first formed in 1990, is an advisory committee of volunteer citizens who have been appointed by Burlington City Council for a three-year term to advise on issues related to sustainable development.

What is the Yellow Fish Road (YFR) Program?

The YFR program is a national environmental education initiative run by Trout Unlimited Canada to teach about the importance of clean water and demonstrate how decisions made by one person can make a difference to a whole community.

How does the YFR program work?

Volunteers use stencils to paint yellow fish and the words “rainwater only” on the curb above a storm drain. Yellow fish shaped door hangers are then left at local homes to remind residents that:

  • Water in your homes from showers, toilets and sinks is treated at a wastewater treatment plant, and
  • Water entering storm drains on the road is not treated and ends up directly in local creeks and streams.

So, it is very important to make sure that only rainwater enters storm drains. The fish and wildlife will thank you!

Storm drain versus sanitary sewer systems
An image showing the difference between a sanitary sewer (water flowing through this system is treated at a wastewater treatment plant) and a storm sewer/drain (water flowing through this system is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant). Image courtesy of Trout Unlimited Canada.

How can I help?

Meet up with members of the Burlington Sustainable Development Committee.

SDC members will have kits with everything you need. One kit can be used for up to six people. Painting will take place within walking distance from the meeting place.

Sounds great but I can’t make it on June 1.

Contact City of Burlington sustainability staff at to borrow a kit. More information about the program is available at

Take Action Burlington! Help stop pollution from entering our storm drains. Collectively we can make a difference.

YFR kits
Yellow Fish Road kits that are provided to groups who choose to participate. Image courtesy of Trout Unlimited Canada.

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