Take Action to Save Energy

saveONenergy promotion
Image courtesy of Burlington Hydro.

This year, let’s all continue to take action to reduce our impact on the environment. If you don’t know where to begin, start with small changes. If everyone carried out simple tasks such as turning the car engine off while waiting, putting waste in the right bin, and walking or cycling for short trips, collectively these actions do make a difference.

Check out the following energy saving programs that are currently available.

Energy saving programs delivered by Union Gas

  • Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program –up to $5,000 if you currently heat your home with oil, natural gas, propane boiler/furnace or wood stove. You must have an energy assessment carried out before and after your renovation and complete at least two eligible renovations.
  • Home Weatherization Program – free energy-saving upgrades for income-eligible households who live in a home built before 1975 that is in need of more insulation and is heated with natural gas.

saveONenergy programs delivered by Burlington Hydro

Energy saving programs
Image courtesy of Burlington Hydro.
  • Heating and Cooling Incentive – up to $650 for businesses and households purchasing and installing eligible central heating or cooling equipment, using an approved contractor.
  • SaveONenergy – coupons for eligible light bulbs, ceiling fans, weatherstripping, electric water heater blankets, outdoor timers, power bars, clotheslines and baseboard programmable thermostats.

Other incentive programs

Energy savings promotion
Image courtesy of Burlington Hydro.

Let’s all Take Action Burlington to reduce our impact on our environment. Collectively we can make a difference in 2017!

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