Be part of the Great Big Sip on March 22

Great Big Sip promotional postcard
Be part of the Great Big Sip on March 22.

March 22 is World Water Day and in Burlington, the Healthy Kids Community Challenge wants you to take a Great Big Sip.

What is Healthy Kids Community Challenge Burlington?

Burlington is one of 45 communities across Ontario chosen to promote children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating. Every nine months, communities are given a new theme to promote. The current theme is called Water Does Wonders and the Great Big Sip is one of the initiatives for the theme.

Burlington’s St. Anne Catholic Elementary School recently said, “Our goal is to get children to think about the importance of drinking water as our first choice for healthy hydration. We hope to make a loud SLURP across the school as we drink our water during the Great Big Sip!”

What is the Water Does Wonders theme about?

There are a lot of interconnections between the Water Does Wonders theme and the Thirsty? Try the Tap! campaign. Both promote tap water as a safe and healthy drink. The Water Does Wonders theme goes a step further by highlighting the amount of sugar found in common drinks. The website is full of great tools and resources to promote tap water instead of sugary choices. There are recipes to make your own flavoured water with fruit and vegetables. Make a pledge as a family or an organization and let’s all drink more water.

All city facilities have water fountains with a bottle refill station and there are other places around Burlington where you can refill your reusable water bottle.

Water Fountain
Water refilling station at a City of Burlington facility.

Did you forget your reusable water bottle? You can now buy a reusable water bottle from vending machines in City of Burlington facilities.

Take Action Burlington! Say yes to water and make it your drink of choice. Take the Water Does Wonders pledge to increase your intake of clean, fresh tap water.

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