Flush only the three P’s … Poop, Pee and Toilet Paper!

Toilet paper, poop and pee images.
The 3 P’s – toilet paper, poop and pee. Image and creative courtesy of Metro Vancouver.

Did you know that ‘flushable’ wipes are actually NOT flushable? While you might see the wipes go down your toilet bowl, it’s what you’re not seeing that is having a great impact.

(Wipes vs. Toilet Paper video concept and creative courtesy of Metro Vancouver).

While toilet paper breaks down quickly, wipes do not. Wipes twist and turn and mix with other products that shouldn’t be flushed like hair, dental floss, FOG (fats, oils and grease), etc. creating ‘fatbergs’ which clog the sewer systems. One notorious fatberg in London, England was the size of a double-decker bus and weighed 40 tonnes!

COVID-19 has worsened this issue as residents increasingly use wipes, paper towels or other material to clean their home and then incorrectly dispose of the material in the toilet.

Take Action Burlington! Stop treating your toilet as a garbage can. Don’t be part of the problem resulting in sewer backups, flooded basements and costly repairs to wastewater treatment plants. Be part of the solution! Collectively we can make a difference. Remember only flush the three P’s … poop, pee and toilet paper.

(I don’t flush personal care products video courtesy of I Don’t Flush).

For more information on this topic, please visit:

  • The Unflushables by Metro Vancouver
  • I Don’t Flush” by the Ontario Clean Water Agency and the Clean Water Foundation in partnership with many municipalities
Never flush wipes image.
Never Flush Wipes. The Unflushables concept and creative courtesy of Metro Vancouver.

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